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NCFWW Joins Power at Purecom

Purecom Entertainment International, the media investment group established by the Emmy-Award winning Justin Bodle in 2016, today announced that it has acquired one of the world’s leading wildlife producers NCFWW (Nature Conservation Films Worldwide).

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the award-winning label NCFWW was founded by Baron Hugo van Lawick, and has partnered with all the top documentary channels, including Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and PBS. It has produced over 150 wildlife series, specials and films, including the award-winning LEOPARD SON, SERENGETI SYMPHONY, AFRICAN BAMBI, SURVIVOR and AFRICAN KING.

The acquisition will see NCFWW join stable mate Power Entertainment Media, the leading television, film and digital production and distribution company, which was acquired by Purecom last year. The relationship sees Power taking distribution rights to all NCFWW’s multi award winning back catalogue of programming and over 300 hours of HD and 4K wildlife footage as well as all future productions.

Highlights in Power’s new NCFWW wildlife catalogue include WILD TANZANIA: RIVER BATTLEFRONT (1 x 1 Hour) the eye-opening look at the often deadly battles between hippopotamuses and crocodiles inside their own species, the harrowing tales of animals in SURVIVING THE SERENGETI (1 x 1 Hour), and WILD TANZANIA: QUEEN OF THE HUNT (1 x 1 Hour), which follows the life of the world’s fastest land mammal, the cheetah.

At MIPTV, Power will also be presenting NCFWW’s new in production titles, FOREST HOPE (1 x Hour), BABY TURTLE ISLAND (1 x Hour), GIANTS OF THE DEEP (1 x Hour) and WONDERS OF THE NATURAL WORLD (6 x 1 Hour) and the completed JEWELS OF NATURAL WORLD (13 x 30 Mins (US version) / 13 x 23 Mins (International version)) which is produced by NCFWW in conjunction with Litton Entertainment for US network CW.

Ian Cousins, Power’s Managing Director said:

“Power has a wealth of experience in distributing wildlife programming and we are looking forward to building on these international relationships. The high-quality wildlife documentaries from NCFWW are a fantastic addition to Power’s ever-growing catalogue”

Justin Bodle, Purecom’s founder said:

“Purecom was set up to work with the best the media industry has to offer and we have defiantly found this in NCFWW. The team are fantastic at giving viewers a look in to wildlife like never before and we are excited for what this relationship will bring.”

Evert van den Bos, NCFWW’s Director and Producer said:

“We are thrilled to be part of the innovative Purecom family alongside Power. Power’s long history and prestige make it a great home for our catalogue and we have no doubt that our content will continue to find homes around the world.”

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