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Full Synopsis

A strange mystery that brings new meaning to the term Road Rage.

Joanne (Laura Leighton) works nights as a restaurant hostess, trying to make ends meet while raising her young son. Driving home after the graveyard shift, Joanne nearly causes a serious accident, cutting off a car while trying to change lanes. It's 3am, and against her better judgment, she gets out of the car to apologise to the lone male driver (Al Goulem). She is not prepared for what happens next; the enraged driver puts his foot on the throttle and drives towards Joanne at full speed. She throws herself out of the way, petrified, and runs back to her car, narrowly escaping death.

From this night on, life becomes increasingly dangerous for Joanne and her family, as a strange presence closes in. At home and at work she is dogged by a series of disturbing prank calls, her mother's car is rigged with explosives, and an intruder breaks into her flat. She begins to lean on her estranged husband, Keith (Frank Schorpion) for support. Her biggest worry is the safety of their epileptic son, Eric (Daniel Magder). The police, convinced that Joanne's stalker is the psychopathic driver who tried to run her down, place her and Eric under surveillance. Despite their help, Joanne returns home one day to find Eric gone. Then the phone rings. It is Eric's kidnapper. Joanne realises that everything now rests on her, and she faces her darkest nightmare head-on.

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
TV Movies
Thriller, Suspense & Crime

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