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For centuries, the amazing exploits of the Swiss Family Robinson have been the fantasy of children and adults alike, filling the imagination with wonder and awe. Now the enduring story of the first castaways becomes the ultimate in sweeping adventure in a film just as timeless, and more spectacular than any fantasy you ever dreamed possible…

The emigrating Robinson family — Father (Liam Cunningham, Attila), Mother (Brana Bajic, In the Beginning), and their three sons, Fritz (Jesse Spencer, Neighbours), Ernst (Neil Newbon), and Jacob (Charlie Lucas), — set sail for a new life in America. Not two nights at sea, their schooner falls victim to the unabated fury of a tempest casting the Robinsons into the storm-tossed swells. In the seething waters of the Atlantic, adrift in their lifeboat, the God-fearing family leaves their fate to providence. By sunrise they find it on the sands of a tropical island. On the shore are provisions from the wreckage of the schooner. In the flourishing jungle is a fresh-water stream. In their hearts is the belief that they will be rescued.

As days turn into months, and months into years, the Robinsons not only accept their fate, they embrace it. In this idyllic Eden they’re together and happy, they’ve conquered the elements and believe that they can survive anything. But the atmosphere on the island begins to change. Unsettling telltale signs of a mysterious island tribe are uncovered, and a ship, manned by bloodthirsty pirates, looms on the horizon. Bracing themselves for the unexpected, the Robinson family soon finds their paradise under siege, their blissful dreams at risk, and their future, invaded by an uncivilised civilisation, as unpredictable as the jungle they once called home.

Filled with spectacular action, breathtaking scenery, and eye-popping special effects, Stranded is a movie for the entire family that is nothing short of paradise.

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
Mini Series
Action & Adventure

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