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Jack London used the breadth of his experience—as a seaman, oyster pirate, and gold prospector—to write one of world’s greatest bestselling adventures. Now, his unique tale of psychological warfare on the roiling waters of the Pacific becomes one of the greatest entertainments of the year…

He is tyrannical, brutal, and notorious. He is Captain Wolf Larsen (Sebastian Koch, The Lives of Others), the infamous Sea Wolf, who rules the crew of his seal-hunting schooner, the Ghost, with an unyielding iron fist. While on the high seas, he takes on castaway Humphrey Van Wyden (Stephen Campbell Moore, The History Boys), an effete literary critic unaccustomed to the arduous hardships of life on the Pacific. But instead of abandoning him at the next harbour, Wolf insists on putting him to work among his crew as a ship boy. Quickly exposed as the inexperienced dandy that he is, Humphrey has to fight for his very survival in this new and gruelling world on board the Ghost. But his most exacting challenge comes from the captain himself, who engages Humphrey in a dangerous and unconscionable game.

What unfolds is a psychological duel of wits, one that transforms Humphrey into a man of fierce self-reliance, hardened by Wolf’s daunting demands, and emerging as an adversary every bit as formidable as Wolf himself. But two more players are about to enter the game. One is Wolf’s brother, Death (Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Tim Roth, The Incredible Hulk), of the steamship Macedonia, who has been competing with Wolf for a highly treasured seal-hunting ground. The other is the lovely and desperate young writer Maud Brewster (Neve Campbell, Scream), daughter of the Macedonia’s owner. Picked up by the Sea Wolf’s crew and brought aboard the Ghost, she will unwittingly become a catalyst in the most perilous conflict of all—as the battle between three men explodes in a war of love, duty, life, and death.

The Sea Wolf is definitively brought to the screen as an epic miniseries event—a unique blend of high-seas adventure and psychological thriller that will stir, inspire, and excite its fans like never before.

Programme Information

Aspect Ratio:
120 Mins
Year of Production:
Mini Series
Action & Adventure

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